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Here's What Other GDB Students Are Saying About The Program.
Andrew "The College Student"
Scott "The Sales Guy"
Steven "The College Graduate"
Oliver "The Dreamer"
Ian "The Full Time Job Guy"
Valerie "The Mom"
Zach "The Single Father"
Andrew "The Dish Washer"
Tyler "The MLM-er"
Harrison "The Fisherman"
Bobby "The Teacher"
Chris "The Athlete"
Luke "The Course Junkie"
Baxter Gardner
Dillon Waxler

Harrison Bagdan

"I was a little bit nervous because I had no prior internet marketing experience... After 1 week of using this training I turned $50 in FB ads into $4,000 in commissions for my business!" 

Myke Metzger

"I tried just about everything... Went from living in a $150/mo closet to  finally reaching my first 5 figure months here. And I'm doing it consistently."

Chris Frederick

"I'm a professional soccer player and serial entrepreneur. I'd never really done much online. Adam helped me set up my first funnel in literally one night and I ended up doing $24K in revenue in my first month."

Craig Bowen

"I want to thank you Adam for creating this  because the content I've learned in my first 2 weeks probably would've taken me at least a year if not 2 years to learn."

Luke Kish

"I invested $25,000 into a whole bunch of different courses. Everything from SEO to ecommerce with no results... My first month we did over $2oK in revenue. working with Adam Wenig and the Global Dream Builders."

Nico Moreno

"Thanks for putting on such a frikken AMAZING event this weekend - so much value, and so glad I made it out. Seriously the BEST event I've been to."

Zach Burton

"Working with Adam has been life changing. The skills I learned from him allowed me to scale my exisiting business and go from working full time, to part time, to full time on my business!"

David Gilbert

"Before Global Dream Builders, I had spent a lot of money on different information products but the thing I like about this most was that Adam took me under his wing and showed me step by step what to do and then helped me implement it."

Matthew Oakey

"This has opened up a whole new direction of what I could do with my career. I can now literally create a business on my own time from my laptop - which is pretty awesome."

Georgie Tysganok

"I LOVE the passion of everyone in this group. It gets me fired up being able to network with these type of people. This group has helped me create a total new outlook on life and business"

Bobby Junior

"My entire life, my mindset, everything else has changed since I hit that button to join this community."
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