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BREAKING: Suburban Kid Creates Magnetic $120k-A-Month Internet Business In Record Time!
BREAKING: Suburban Kid Creates Magnetic $120k-A-Month Internet Business In Record Time!
Written on Feb. 22nd 2017
I thought I was doing everything right... I went to a prestigious college, and got good grades so I could get a high paying job at the end of 4 years.

Quickly I realized that getting a traditional 9-5 job is painfully boring.

PLUS, why would I want to work a soul-killing job 40 hours a week, for 40 years of my life, on the prayer of having enough money to retire when I'm too old to enjoy it?
All I really wanted was to have a business that made enough money so I could live life on my terms. 

Back then I only needed $3,000 per month to be financially independent.

The struggle was that I was, barely getting by as the "entrepreneur" of the family... 

I felt like a disappointment.

It sucked.

Ever felt like this?

However, I still had a dream. I felt like I was put on the planet to do something more than the corporate route. 

I knew there was an "entrepreneur" inside of me, but I just didn't know the most profitable skill in the world... yet.

Which I finally discovered was the ability to consistently turn advertising into profit on the Internet. (more on this in a sec)
So I went on this long journey to figure out how to become a successful entrepreneur...

I tried starting a car detailing business, selling on amazon & eBay, network marketing, literally everything you can imagine.

I had some successes...

but failed more than I succeeded, and in the process I managed to accumulate $50,000 in credit card debt from attempted business ventures. 

(I felt kinda like this guy below)
But, then I discovered this one little known secret that changed my life forever. 

I found this mentor and he taught me how to create these little websites to sell stuff on the internet.

He calls them sales funnels but I think of them more like “cashflow websites.” 

Simple 2 page websites that you can put $1 in advertising and make at least $2 back in revenue.

He would set up these simple little websites and start creating additional sources of income in a matter of days. 

I saw him make, literally, millions of dollars. Every single month. 

So I created a master plan. 

I was gonna learn from Russell, and whoever else I could until I figured it out. 
The problem was... there's a ton of phony gurus, B.S.,  and stuff that just flat out work doesn't. 

After tons of trial and error, which most people would consider failure...

I finally started making my first sales online.

One of my businesses started making $20/day. 

Then another one started making $1000 per month...

And we just continued to tweak and refine the process. And we even got to a point where one of them is currently earning us over $100,000 every month. 

Let me break it down to you like this:

  •  Warren Buffet gets about a 20% return on investment each year.
  •  Below, is a screenshot from just one of our merchant accounts.
  •  We spent $4,699.40 on advertising that month.
  •  As you can see below it returned $117,485.00
If there's any math nerds out there like myself, you know that equates to a 2,500% return on investment every month...

Which means for every $1 we spend on advertising, we're making $25 in profit!
To say the least, it's been WILD, exciting, and has opened my eyes to whats possible when you learn the right skills.

After traveling the world for 3 years, & meeting some of the most influential people on the planet... a bunch of my friends started bugging me to teach them the ropes. 

So reluctantly I started showing a few of them. 

And they started getting similar results. 
Now I’ve shown 103 private coaching students this exact method on how to set up their own cashflow business and start generating supplemental, and even full time incomes online.

I call it "The No B.S. Breakthrough Method To Building Your First Digital Business Online!"
After becoming successful online not only was I able to become totally financially free, travel the globe, and impact the lives of people around the world. 

But I now have a mission, a sense of purpose. 

We've even partnered with Tony Robbins & Feeding America to help end hunger in America.

And this month alone we've fed 110,000 food insecure American children
"The Secret To Living Is Giving" 
- Tony Robbins
So, here's my FREE gift to you...

If you'd like to learn exactly how I've built a $119,714 per month internet business and how we've shown 103 students how to earn an extra $3,000 per month in under 30 days... then register for the free training now!
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